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Why Solar ?

At Phoenix Clean Energy we have access to any solar product on the market! With that said, we choose to only offer the best and most energy efficient products on the market. We stick to a basic four panels. All of these are Monocrystalline panels with a very high efficiency rating.

products we offer

Panasonic Solar Modules are the “Ferrari of Solar” as they have the highest efficiency rating, longest life, and best warranty on the market. They come with a 25-year triple guard warranty which covers manufacturer defects, linear production, and labor.

products we offer

Peimar panels are made in Italy and are a very high-quality monocrystalline panel. The series we use is a 310-watt, 60-cell panel. This is the only foreign panel that we use. These carry a 20 year manufacturer warranty and a 30 year linear production warranty.

energy efficient solar products we offer


REC has several sizes but Phoenix uses only the 315-watt panel by default. The efficiency ratings of these panels are better than Peimar and Silfab but not quite as high as Panasonic.

energy efficient products we offer

Silfab panels come in several sizes. 300-watt and 310-watt 60-cell panels and 360-watt 72-cell panels.  Their lifetime efficiency rating is slightly higher than the Peimar Panels but not quite as high as REC and Panasonic.

energy efficient products we offer


We carefully calculate the products we offer to avoid cheaper products and use three main options for our inverters:

-AP Systems

-Enphase IQ Series 

 -Solar Edge

Ask us which one is right for you today!

Ennergy Efficient Products We Offer

Home Energy Efficiency Program

Attic Insulation

-Up to R60 (8 inches up to 16 inches)
-Crawl Space Insulation (if no attic)
-Savings on Gas & Electric Bills

Sense Usage Tracking

-Learns and Monitors Appliances
-Ties into/Monitors Solar Production
-If recommendations are followed- save 20%

Insulation Plates

-Exterior Outlet and Switch Plates
-Gasket Sealing/Insulated
-25 unsealed = 4X4 of Leakage

L.E.D. Lighting Pack

-Light Emitting Diodes for Whole Home
-Replacing old lighting can save $3-7 per 6 bulbs (CFL & Incandescent)

Duct Sealing / HVAC

-Leaky ducts can go unnoticed
-HVAC Equipment qualify for replacement (if program approved)

Water Heater Wrap

-Saves Big on gas consumption
-Keep the energy you pay for on the inside of your water heater tank

Weather Stripping

-Industrial grade neoprene
-all exterior doors will be sealed
-comfort level in home increased

Caulking & Sealing

-Exterior & interior of home inspected
-Old windows will get a few more years
-Leaks, cracks, and drafts are sealed and filled

Air Sealing Home

-Each home has unique needs
-We take a custom approach to your efficiency needs
-$3-5k in funding for each home

Attic Tent
(TX Only)

-Keep your home heated and cooled, not your attic. Savings are noticeable
-Keeps a barrier between home and attic
-Only needed for certain attics

Phoenix Windows & Doors

We've developed a proprietary window that comes with a lifetime warranty

High Performance Glazing System

Provides the ultimate defense against solar heat gain from a hot summer sun
Keeps more warmth inside your home on cold days and nights
Exceed Energy Star Requirements

Sound Control System

Dissimilar, thicker, glass panes
The dissimilar glass panes disrupt the sounds waves entering the home
Substantially reduces outside noises compared to single or dual pane windows

Silicone Warm-Edge Spacer

Arise-N silicone warm-edge spacer with insulating chambers inhibits heat transfer through the window
Reduces condensation, unlike metal spacers
Multi-layer mylar vapor barrior for argon gas retention


Heavy-Duty Screen Frame

Heavy-duty screen frame is made with thick walls of high-test aluminum
Wide integral lift rail, for easy removal
No worry of bending or damaging your window screens during normal cleanings 
Made to last a lifetime

Triple Fin Weather Strips

Provides a weather-tight seal and a barrier to air infiltration
Protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold, and mildew
Infused with antimicrobial treatment

Argon "Flood-Filled" Chamber

“Floor-Filled” chamber technology guarantees argon fill rates as high as 98%
Increases window R-value 
Minimizes heat exchange through the window

Easy-Clean Coating

Easy-Clean coating on the outside glass helps your windows stay cleaner longer 
Breaks down organic materials like dust, dirt, and bird droppings build up on the glass
Reduce cleaning and increase visibility

True Double Lifetime Warranty

The most inclusive warranty in industry
Lifetime warranty fully transferable to one subsequent homeowner
Covers parts, labor, and freight