How Solar Energy

Powers Your Home

You may already know why choosing solar energy can put you ahead of the curve. However, do you know how it works? Can you explain how your solar panels convert rays of sunshine into energy that can fuel your entire house?

Solar panels operate on the photovoltaic effect. In 1839, Edmond Becquerel first discovered the photovoltaic effect during an experiment on light absorption. This phenomenon is the result of certain materials (called semiconductors) generating electric current with sun exposure.

A solar panel is made of a silicon sheet, a metal frame, a glass enclosure, and wiring that allows the silicon cells to generate electric current. Silicon is a conducive nonmetal that can absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. These panels are anti-reflective, allowing maximum sun exposure to the silicone sheet. They have a protective back sheet under the glass to protect from heat dissipation and humidity. Otherwise, high temperatures will cause lower performance in the entire cell. Solar panels capture sunlight with photovoltaic cells, producing direct current (DC) power.  Electrons are then set in motion.  This enables electric current to flow. Finally, the panels use inverter technology to transform sunlight into available alternating current (AC) energy.

Keeping Track of Solar Energy

A home connected to the electricity grid should have a utility meter used by the energy supplier to calculate and provide power to your house. If you mount solar panels on the roof or on your house’s ground mount, Phoenix Clean Energy will attach them to the utility meter of your house. You can directly view and calculate the output of your solar system using this meter.

Many people are reluctant to convert to solar energy simply due to cost concern. It is a misconception that the panels are unaffordable and overpriced. We can help you navigate discounts as well as confusing tax forms. The 70% decline in solar prices over the past decade can explain why the solar industry is exploding in the United States.

Choosing Solar Energy Supports Renewable Energy

Phoenix Clean Energy helps customers source solar energy into their homes.  Everyone can take part in reducing their carbon footprint. The clean energy sector grows when more people use solar and all of us have cleaner air for a more sustainable future. We are happy to explain how it works in further detail.  We can also walk you through any steps that may be misleading or confusing..