FAQs About

Affordable Solar Energy

1. Will it crush my wallet?

If you can pay your electricity bill, then you can find affordable solar. There are three solar financing options: cash, solar loans, and solar leases. These choices give flexibility to homeowners who are looking to save on their electricity bills.

2. What are the financial benefits?

You can save money on your electricity bills and protect your financial future against rising rates. The amount you will save depends on several factors. These include the amount of energy your solar panel system produces and how much you use it. However, the biggest contributors are your local utility rates and solar policies. Solar energy is a great investment, no matter your location.

3. How do I calculate my electricity use?

An easy way to figure this out is to review your current power bill. Go through Choose Energy’s guide to reading your electricity bill to see what to look for when calculating your monthly electricity consumption.  Subsequently, if you have questions about affordable solar, we are happy to help. 

4. Will I still get an electricity bill if I have solar panels?

You will still receive a bill from your utility company unless your solar panel system has battery storage and you live off the grid. You can find ways to lower your bill significantly or decrease the amount to $0 with a solar panel system that matches your lifestyle.

5. Are there any renewable energy rebates and incentives?

You can get tax credits for installing solar panels. State solar incentives and tax credits vary, and you can be eligible for a federal investment tax credit (ITC) that allows for a deduction of 30% of your solar panel system cost from taxes. Additionally, some municipalities and utilities have cash rebates and other incentives.

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