How to Spot

A Solar Scam

Solar panels have exploded in popularity, due in large part to cheaper prices and state incentives for solar panel installations. Many trusted renewable energy companies exist, but there are also snake oil salesmen in the industry as well. Here are some tell-tale signs of someone trying to get the better of you. Keep these in mind and learn how to spot a solar scam.

1.  “Free Solar Panels” and Government Incentives

An unlicensed company with a sales agent may try to persuade you to put down a deposit for solar panels. Often, they will vanish with the deposit, or the contractor will do a shoddy job of installing solar panels on your property. Sales agents promise “free solar panels”. In reality, solar panels are not free; you still have to pay for electricity. Many government incentives do exist for solar tax credit, but it can be cumbersome to sort through them. Someone pulling off a solar scam will try to exploit this by greatly exaggerating the incentives. A good company will help you navigate the tax credit initiatives.

2.  Odd Telephone Calls

Scammers have been known to call, saying that they are affiliated with the government. They want to help constituents in switching to solar energy. The government never does this, nor do they send representatives to act on their behalf. If you already have solar panels, scam artists may also call for unnecessary upgrades to your solar panels – such as fixing a faulty component or improving the performance of your panels. Before taking the next phone call or answering the door, take your time and do your research to make sure that the company is giving you the correct information.

3.  “Free Health and Service” Check

Scammers send letters to homeowners with solar panels, attempting to validate a warranty and to receive a “free health and service check”. While solar panels need regular cleaning, solar panels do not require maintenance. Be suspicious of unsolicited letters and calls. Never agree to any in-home services unless it is from a trusted solar company or solar panel installer.

How to Avoid Solar Scams

Be wary of solar companies that engage in these kinds of practices. They may end up doing more harm to the solar energy industry than anything else. To avoid getting scammed, research reliable solar companies and rely on reputed contractors. Phoenix Clean Energy will never try to pull a fast one, and we know that you want to have a great experience just as much as we do.  If you suspect a solar scam, contact us!