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Phoenix Clean Energy is Colorado's Top Solar Panel Installation Company with an A+ BBB rating. We have a passionate view about contributing to the world. We're the Solar company that helps residential customers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Phoenix Clean Energy helps our customers become energy independent and thus stabilize their expenses by utilizing our solar solutions as well as our custom Phoenix windows and doors. Our goal is for everyone to conserve our environment and to participate in an active role in improving the world.

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Phoenix Clean Energy Services

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Energy Efficiency
Home Review

Our whole home strategy is what separates us from other Solar Energy companies. The PCE motto is to “leave the customer better than we found them.” First, we evaluate the home to find out where they are wasting or losing energy. Most homeowners have been told that their home is “energy efficient” or “Energy Star Rated”. Nine out of ten times this is not the case.

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Solar Installation

PCE can provide you with any solar product on the market! We recommend using the best products available in order for you to achieve your financial goals. Our solutions are designed with four panels. Phoenix Clean Energy solar panels are all composed of Monocrystalline.  They have very high efficiency ratings.  During your installation assessment, we will determine which panels are best suited for your home. We will work hard to find potential discounts to help lower the cost.

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Phoenix Windows and Doors

Phoenix Clean Energy has developed a proprietary window and door. Our windows are double hung, double pane windows with the highest energy efficiency rating on the residential market! The Phoenix Windows are exclusive to our customers with a special offer.  No other company can match this!  These windows and doors are another step in the process to reduce your energy costs. They offer beauty, energy efficiency, and quality. They are all backed by a lifetime warranty.



I was convinced that I wouldn't ever be able to go solar, but the good people at phoenix pulled every conceivable string to make it happen! Brittany and Harley worked tirelessly to make it a success. Thank you so much for changing my home's energy game to a winning situation. I can't sing their praises loud enough! My panels are perfect and I couldn't be more pleased. These people are changing the solar game in a real way. From start to finish, this program has helped me to become energy efficient and better to the environment. Reducing my carbon foot print is a high priority in my life. Thank you, Phoenix!!

Savannah K



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Learn about Solar

Solar panels are made from either monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon polymers. The more efficient and durable of the two are monocrystalline.  This is what Phoenix exclusively sells. Monocrystalline panels are created from raw materials whereas polycrystalline panels are created using broken up recycled materials.  You may have guessed that this results in less durable, less efficient, and shorter life span of the solar module.

 Solar Capturing is when solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into usable AC electricity.  This is used to safely power a home. There are a few different types of solar. Here at Phoenix, we use strictly photovoltaic solar. This means that rather than harnessing heat energy from the sun, we are capturing the light energy. It is by far the most efficient application of solar energy on the market.

Photovoltaic solar panels first capture light energy from the sun. The energy is then converted into Direct Current (DC) electricity. DC current runs only one way and is very dangerous to humans. That is why inverter technology is so important. At Phoenix Clean Energy, we use micro inverters, which are help maintain safety.

Monocrystalline panels are black in color, while polycrystalline panels are a light blue. This is the easiest way to tell the difference between the two. The only benefit of polycrystalline panels is the lower cost.  They are typically used in larger commercial applications. For a homeowner and Phoenix customer, we utilize only the best materials.

You will own this solar array from day one, meaning that your energy bills are now in your hands. The average ROI is approximately 10 years, based on current energy rates. Payments will be the same or less than your current electric bill. Think of it as switching from “renting” your energy from the utility provider to “owning” your energy with your own private photovoltaic array!

Net metering allows you to store unused production from your solar panels on the power grid. This is a way to cut back on your carbon footprint and allows you to shrink your utility bill. How would you like your utility provider to send you a check? This option allows you to save a bundle on your electric bill. Please call us to schedule a free consultation.